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The Honest Stuff 
Kate Stirling of Stirling Fit

I'm about to bare all, are you ready?


This all goes beyond being just any other PT. 


Quite simply I love exercise, movement, and the exploration of where we can go with it all.


I also love all the foods and think it's time we really leant to not feel guilty about our choices. If you want pizza, eat the pizza, maybe just not the 10 pizzas in one go but you know what I mean. If you feel like it, have it, you'll satiate the craving and that'll be that. 


Stirling Fit means you enjoy food and don't use it as punishment or a bargaining tool. I also can't help but feel passionately about how amazing it can be to feel strong, yet vulnerable at times too, sweating out any of the internal baggage we just don't need. 

It is about looking to find enjoyment and love for the life we live regardless of the curveballs and obstacles that have come our way. We don't count calories, we don't cut out any foods nor drink. There is a balance to this. 


We look to find real appreciation for our bodies both physically and mentally, we learn to love ourselves and as a result, all of our choices and the way our bodies might change just naturally falls into place.


My theory is that if you love yourself as best you can, your choices will be healthier, your systems will be happier and your mental health will be all the better for it too in your own exploration of your life. The mind stuff is complex and I am by no means suggesting that it is a simple nor easy journey at times but Stirling Fit gives you the Tools to really explore the options that might be out there for you. 

Stirling Fit is devoid of judgement, there is a place for everyone and open mindedness is encouraged in every sense of the word to enable you to realise much strength you have just from being you.

As an actor, and with a love for the creative industries alongside fitness too, it has always saddened me that in general, so much of our World is based on appearance rather than how we feel. That so much is placed on thinness over strength still and extremes over balance. That celebrity weight-loss should be headline news. 


So many of us have a negative relationship with ourselves; when did you last say Thank You to yourself for being who you are?  For me, this pattern of thinking that I needed to be, or look, thinner physically to be successful or liked or to fit in with friends drove me to Anorexia in my teens. Nearly 2 decades worth of rather unhealthy relationships and obsessive anxiety around food followed on, all stemming from a place of utter self-loathing.


I understand, I really understand, how it feels to not love the skin we are in and how this can so negatively impact our lives. I understand how our minds can take over and we can feel as though we can't climb out of the hole.


I understand what depression is, I understand what being on antidepressants is like, I know the upheaval and grief of Divorce, of losing what feels like it all and struggling to find Hope when it feels like all is lost.


I am here to tell you there is Hope, we find it through physicality, through movement, through connection and awareness of your thoughts on and off the mat or grass. 


Stirling Fit is a mindset to adopt for the long term. We reframe how we see ourselves as we work; we are kind to ourselves when things feel tough and we really cain it when we feel on top of the world but we also strive for balance.


For the best glass of wine you can afford when you want to enjoy it rather than hide behind it, for the delicious home cooked brownies, for the moments of quiet and stillness, for the loving yourself for being imperfect and mistake ridden but also for complimenting, thanking and finding gratitude for all the things we don't realise we have until they're gone.  We look to find real appreciation, love and empowerment for and from our bodies both physically and mentally.


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