Gratitude and Mindset

Gratitude for the life you have already is a hugely powerful tool in learning to not only appreciate yourself and the path you are on, but to also connect to positive energy. 


Over time this becomes like a muscle in itself, you essentially don’t have to plan doing it, you just do it as you move through life. 



For example, you might find or have gratitude for:


The fact you you have a computer or phone to read this on


How amazing it is that you can even boil water when you want to make coffee, (I am so grateful for that it’s one of my faves!)


The warmth of the sun on the days it says hello


The dark moments that show how truly bright the light in your life can shine






Your place in the World

 I realised the power of gratitude after going through a Divorce in 2016, which left me really struggling to connect to the positives in my life, I was totally on the floor. Starting to use gratitude, I began to develop extreme pockets of joy and colour to my days like I’d never connected to before. Small moments like sipping on my morning coffee would make me burst with appreciation!


You don’t need to be in the depths of a depression like I was for this to be a powerful tool, and it works hand in hand with your lifestyle choices. The more positive I felt, the more priority I gave to my body and mind, and this really is where the Stirling Steps start, the same might be true for you. To be transparent this was alongside using a small daily dose of an antidepressant, but I am absolutely certain in my mind that the power of gratitude has helped me to no longer need the medication.  Of course, if you are on a similar medication you must seek medical approval first, we are all unique after all.