Do it in your own time 

 Becoming a Member means you can access Stirling Fit Classes on repeat, in your own timeas many times as you like from anywhere in the world! 

Membership also gives you access to my private members only Facebook Group with nutritional support soon too.

We are a kind, encouraging, fun and inclusive community. PLUS you get all the additional support you might need and want from me along the way!

It's like having a PT and mindset coach in your pocket! You will build confidence in your skin, feel empowered, more energised and more positive about your life 

Stirling Fit Membership gives you access to:

20-45 minute HIIT Classes
Body Weighted High Intensity Interval Training -
Low impact and beginner options available

30-45 minute Sculpt and Circuits
Using 1-2 Dumbbells, Kettlebell if you have them or cans, tins, a bag of potatoes, a rucksack full of books etc!
You can also do 
body-weighted and build up to using weights.
Often working to time eg 30-45 seconds of work.
Sculpt is slightly faster paced, sometimes with a dynamic yoga warm up

30 Minute Strength Classes
Predominantly using looped resistance bands but you can also use longer bands or body weight/light dumbbells. This class really targets those muscles we often don't get to access! 

30-60 minute Vinyasa and Yin Yoga
With Vinyasa there is a chance to stretch, flow, improve mobility, build strength and reduce stress. Yin is a beautifully restorative practice using cushions, props and a tonne of chill!

 There is a 4 week and 12 week programme you can also follow if you like structure or you can pick and choose! 

  Founding Membership is just £10 to join with a 7 day free trial before payment is taken - that's just 32p per day! 

All challenges are included in the price alongside additional material and support 

 Why not try my free HIIT class!