Movement is Magic 

I can not reinforce enough how incredible movement is. I say movement because sometimes we forget about the power of even going for walk in the sun, or the rain! It's anything that uses up physical energy helps to create and develop more  energy in you.


It is a natural antidepressant in many ways.


Movement increases the level of endorphines in your system. These hormones are involved in dampening feelings of pain and when it comes to exercise, help to initiate feelings of  well-being, euphoria, positivity, or perhaps even a high that you might have heard described as a “Runners High”


Serotonin levels are also elevated after exercise. Serotonin is also responsible for helping to balance mood, your sleep cycle and helping to regulate your appetite, so it’s a great hormone to have enough of! 


A baseline goal is be as active as possible in your day to day. To stay well and feel good it’s important to not just do a workout and then sit down all day :-) 


 I recommend you hit 8-10,000+ steps per day. Most phones have a tracker on now or you can invest in a cheap one to wear around your wrist.  


To improve cardio fitness, it helps to ensure you are working hard enough in class - notice if you could perhaps increase your weights safely for example, or reduce your rest time in a HIIT class. Conversely if you're just starting out remember to take the rest you need to keep on going! Don't feel disheartened, you're doing an amazing thing by even trying a workout. You want to elevate that heart rate and challenge yourself. The feeling after is always the reward.

To really notice change, aim to complete 3-5 training sessions or workouts per week. Even 20-30 minutes has an impact, which is why most of my classes around that length. Life is hectic, I want to set you up for success


Why not Try my free classes below! I also have a number you can do on IGTV, YouTube or join my Membership with nearly 100 classes to choose from






Stirling Fit is about enjoyment of life, so if you prefer to find your movement through other ways instead of the classes then of course, please do! Maybe Swimming, running or  cycling for example. You can also swap out the HIIT classes for a similar style out on a run, swim or a bike ride. 


Benefits of HIIT workouts


HIIT looks to really work you hard, elevating your heart rate for a set period of time, followed by a period of rest to allow to recover, ready to work hard in the next period of work. 


It helps build cardio vascular fitness, is a real energy burner and also helps build strength both physically and mentally (determination to keep working hard!)


Benefits of Strength workouts


Strength work is important for your bone density, alongside helping to build strength and muscle mass in your body. 


Greater muscle mass will help you stay at a healthy weight and helps with injury prevention too. It also means that your cardio work can keep reaching new heights with the balance between the two. 


When it comes to body composition, the greater muscle % you are made of in comparison to fat, the more energy your body burns at rest. This is known as your Basal Metabolic Rate. You’ll possibly appear leaner and move, plus feel, lighter in general. 

NEAT and Overall Activity Levels


Another important factor in staying well and in a healthy place physically and mentally is to up or maintain your overall activity levels, otherwise known as NEAT - Non-exercise activity thermogenesis. Things like walking, cleaning or tidying etc


Invreasing overall activity is a great way to stay energised alongside helping you to connect back to nature and members of your family. Going for a walk alone can also be quite a treat if you have a busy life with lots of demands from others. 


This can then become a habit you can adopt into a weekly routine. It’s a great way to explore new areas or to see what is going on in your community. Of course, if you want to walk more do! Sometimes it’s good to do with a podcast or some music, and others with your thoughts alone.


Other ideas to think about include:


- Getting off a bus or train stop earlier on journeys


- Getting up from your work space every hour to get a glass of water (double whammy then as you keep hydrated at the same time)


- Heading out for a short walk at lunch to break up your day leaving you invigorated for the afternoon.

Maybe check out my podcast, "How To Live a Stirling Life" whilst you head out for that walk!