Refresh and Renew is a 12 week fitness & lifestyle programme that will leave you feeling 

stronger, fitter, lighter, 
positive and confident in your skin

If you're struggling with poor body image, yo-yo dieting, lack of motivation and are desperate for physical and mental transformation Refresh & Renew is exactly what you need!

Not only will you feel fitter and stronger, you will reduce stress and anxiety alongside developing a strong mindset to ensure you are able to maintain your changes for the long term

Doors to Refresh & Renew are currently closed so why not try it for free whilst you wait for the next launch!





Over the 12 weeks you will complete 4 workouts per week, all with multi level options and second trimester suitable if pregnant:

HIIT (30 Minutes)

Core & Conditioning (30 Minutes)

Yoga (30 Minutes)

Circuits (45 minutes)

Refresh & Renew works all your energy systems and builds cardio fitness, physical strength and determination alongside mobility, breath work and stretching, all with an element of fun and mindset tips to help you re-program your thinking 


Alongside that you will truly connect to your inner goals and desires, with weekly checks in to keep you on track and monthly goal setting to help you maintin focus and motivation 

✅ 12 weeks of on demand classes

A mixture of HIIT, Core & Conditioning, Circuits & Yoga

✅ Suitable for all fitness levels

Complete on your computer or via my app

✅ Bonus classes

Judgement free zone

✅  Meditations and mindset coaching 

Bonus workshops

✅ Bonus nutritional support

You will

🔥 Get Fitter

Get Stronger

🔥 Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Be Empowered to Step Into Your Power

🔥 Feel More Confident In Your Skin

Have The Tools To Continue into The Long Term!

Imagine yourself in 3 months time 


How do you want to feel?

What do you want to change?


How have you spent that time between now and then?


What are you committed to?


What are you waiting for?

 Live A Life You Lov