Self Love and Worth 

One of the hardest things we can ever do is appreciate and accept ourselves for who we are: There are so many images and stories out there in the media, in films, on TV that make us think we should look or be a certain way. This will help you start to accept you for you, for you are AMAZING already


Mirror work is a great way to learn to really see yourself and to love your reflection.


Stand in front of a full length mirror, or whatever you have to hand at home, for 30 seconds looking straight at yourself  without breaking eye contact.


You can do this with clothes or underwear on but it’s also very powerful trying this entirely naked if you feel safe to.  Seeing yourself like this is a big step on your jouney to self acceptance


Keep breathing calmly, and try again if your eyes do not stay on your reflection


Notice if your eyes dart around, or if you find it really confronting or difficult to do this. Learn to accept the person you see in front of you.  It is just you and you, nothing to compare, only yourself to accept, you don’t need to be anyone else, you have everything you need inside and infront of you already


You can count in your head or use a timer. Once you can rest your gaze for 30 seconds, increase it by 10 seconds each time for the duration of the plan. Be kind with yourself as you explore mirror work; try to avoid getting frustrated with yourself if you find it challenging