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Hi I'm Kate


I'm a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Yoga Teacher. I'm also qualified in Pre/Post Natal and use proven mindset techniques to help you make life long change from weight loss and strength gain to improved confidence and self belief

I Have been a Personal Trainer and Coach for nearly 20 years in various forms.  Before Covid I was also teaching Vinyasa, Yin and Sculpt at Yoga Studios across London

  Before Covid I was also teaching Vinyasa, Yin and Sculpt at Yoga Studios across London. 
I now offer online 1:1 coaching where I bring together all  Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, Yoga and Mindset Practitioner to help you build infinite confidence so you Thrive personally & professionally

I have also just opened up spaces to work with me on a
1-2-1 Basis

I want to help facilitate your transformation. This is about making  changes for the long termIt's about developing new habits, new mindsets, new lifestyle choices and a whole new way of how you perceive yourself. 
This is about changing your whole life! It's about your outlook, your sense of worth within it, your self esteem, the confidence you have in your skinIt's about working through everything you have buried for years and stepping into your power

I understand and I know this because being without self esteem was how I lived so much of my life and so much didn't go right as a result! BUT I am here to help you through whatever you are working through when it comes the the relationship you have with yourself and your lifestyle.
  My classes and PT sessions are like mini life coaching sessions, I am here to help show you how to be your own best cheerleader.

And really, honestly, nothing beats exercise. I want to help you enjoy it,
to reap the benefits both 
mentally and physically.
No matter
your current level or experience, I am a kind, empathetic and supportive coach, with that edge to help you reach your goals safely



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