Hi Im Kate!

Based in West Dulwich, I've been a Personal Trainer and Coach for 10 years.  Before Covid I was also teaching Vinyasa, Yin and Sculpt at Yoga Studios across London alongside outside Group Training Sessions for
One Element.
I now offer all these classes and programmes, including The Stirling Steps
 as part of my Membership Programme
I want to help facilitate your transformation, and I don't mean necessarily like one of those ones you see all over Instagram.
 This is about making  changes for the long term
 It's about developing new habits, new mindsets, new lifestyle choices a whole new way of how you perceive yourself. 
This is about changing your whole life!
It's about your outlook on your life, your  sense of worth within it, your self esteem, the confidence you have in your skin
It's about working through everything you have buried for years and stepping into your power
I understand and I know this because it was how I lived so much of my life and so much didn't go right as a result!
I had anorexia at 16 years old 
Then a divorce at 32 totally chucked me into the depths of despair and a dark depression
In 2021 I fell pregnant after a year of trying and had a miscarriage just before the first trimester scan. That, well that's still being processed a bit! 
I get it, life can be really, really, REALLY sh*t!
I am here to help you through whatever you are working through when it comes the the relationship you have with yourself.
My Stirling Steps are the approaches that helped me come off my antidepressants in 2020 alongside lots of therapy and GP support (I highly recommend this too!)
I used to feel deep self loathing, and even experienced suicidal thoughts, something I no longer feel as a result of my experiences and exploration with coaching methods.
I have coached myself to a place where I truly adore my life and I want you to feel the same! I
 Feeling the best you have ever felt about yourself and your life and trust me, AMAZING things start to happen when you love your life!
Choose to live a life you love 
My goal behind Stirling Fit is to share all I have learnt to help support you on your journey. My classes are like mini life coaching sessions! I am here to help show you how to be your own best cheerleader.
And really, honestly, nothing beats exercise. I want to help you enjoy it,
to reap the benefits both 
mentally and physically. No matter
your current level or experience, I am a kind, empathetic and supportive coach, with that edge to help you reach your goals safely.
I'm approachable and gentle, but I promise
I know how to encourage you to work hard!
Having said that, I'm fierce, strong and resilient after all I have been through 
I will show you how you can Live a Stirling Life as a result. An amazing life no matter what cards you have been dealt

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